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Fitbit Bracelets Misfit Ray Interchangeable bands

fitjewels Bracelets for Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit Ray. Fitbit Jewelry is manufactured to dimension for the Fitbit Alta, Charge 2, Flex band, Fitbit Flex band or Fitbit One fitness tracker. fitjewels don’t offer cover up jewelry. Our Fitbit Flex bracelet only fits the Fitbit Flex activity tracker. The Fitbit Alta bands are custom-made for the Fitbit Alta activity tracker. We offer a variety of Fitbit Alta or Fitbit charge 2 leather bands and other Fitbit Alta accessories like Fitbit Alta metal bangle or Fitbit Charge 2 chain bracelet. The Misfit Ray jewelry bracelets are produced to simply connect the Misfit Ray activity tracker to your Misfit Ray leather band.

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